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Enroll in the Court sponsored ECF training and master the skills needed to file documents electronically. The Court offers training on Electronic Case Filing through three delivery options. Select the delivery option that is just right for you.

If you prefer a classroom environment that includes an instructor,select Classroom Instructor-Led Training (CIT). Click on the course name to view the description and training schedule for that course. After the completion of the class, you will receive a completion certificate.

If you prefer independent self-paced learning, select the Web-Based Tutorials (WBT). The Web-Based Tutorials may be viewed through any internet browser.

Whether you choose classroom training or self-paced learning, you will receive expert instruction on Electronic Case Filing that can be applied as soon as you receive your ECF user id and password.

Classroom Instructor-Led Training (CIT)
CM/ECF Introduction
To view the next training date for this course, click the Schedule button, Click on the course materials icon, to view document. To enroll now, click enroll. Duration
1 hour

This instructor-led course offers the Attorney User hands-on experience in docketing civil case documents. Learn how to:

  • search, add and create party information
  • set response and return date deadlines
  • upload documents in portable document format (PDF)
  • docket the following documents:
Civil Complaint
Summons Returned Executed
Civil Answer to Complaint
Civil Rule 7.1 Disclosure Stmt.
Civil Motion to Dismiss
Civil Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion
Civil Affidavit in Support of Motion
Civil Notice of Appearance
Civil Brief
Civil Trial Memorandum
Civil Notice of Appeal
Part II: Spreading Text/Effects
Always consult your systems administrator
before downloading files.