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Enroll in the Court sponsored ECF training and master the skills needed to file documents electronically. The Court offers training on Electronic Case Filing through three delivery options. Select the delivery option that is just right for you.

If you prefer a classroom environment that includes an instructor,select Classroom Instructor-Led Training (CIT). Click on the course name to view the description and training schedule for that course. If you are representing yourself (pro se - without an attorney) and you will be requesting permission to file electronically using the CM/ECF system, we recommend that you take the Classroom Instructor-Led Training. After you have completed the class, attach your completion certificate to your Motion for Permission for Electronic Case Filing. The court's training room is in the lower lobby of 40 Foley Square, conference room 6, near the mediation rooms and the cafeteria.

If you prefer independent self-paced learning, select the Web-Based Tutorials (WBT). The Web-Based Tutorials may be viewed through any internet browser. If you are representing yourself (pro se - without an attorney) and you are not able to attend the Classroom Instructor-Led Training (CIT) please indicate on your Motion for Permission for Electronic Case Filing that you used the Web-Based Tutorial method.

The clerk's office has created videos listed under the "ECF On-line Learning" section and manuals listed under the "ECF Training Documents" section that are posted on the right-side of this page.

Classroom Instructor-Led Training (CIT)
Attorney Civil Case Opening
Resources and Training

To view training dates for this course, click the Schedule button, Click on the course materials icon, to view document.

To enroll now, click the enroll icon.

Duration Course
25 hours Yes

Learn how to open various civil cases in the CM/ECF System and earn CLE credit.

Participants learn how to open various civil cases in the CM/ECF System.

The filing users will be able to identify and apply the docketing events for opening the following types of civil cases:

  • General Complaint,
  • Notice of Removal,
  • Petition (Turnover) as a related case,
  • Copyright Complaint,
  • Patent Complaint,
  • Class Action Complaint,
  • Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus,
  • Social Security Complaint,
  • Maritime Complaint
  • Complaint/Petition in the Nature of Mandamus.

Attendees may choose to receive instruction on some or all of the various case types. Depending on the lessons chosen, the course will last between two (2) and five (5) hours.

In addition, participants will learn how to file a Rule 7.1 Disclosure Statement and how to request summonses electronically.

This course is appropriate for newly admitted and experienced attorneys ("Transitional and Non-Transitional") and is eligible for one (1) NY CLE credit hour. Participants will receive a Course Evaluation Survey and a New York CLE Certificate of Attendance.

ECF Quick Reference Guide

Module 1: Civil Complaint

Module 2: Notice of Removal

Module 3: Petition

Module 4: Copyright

Module 5: Patent

Module 6: Class Action Complaint

Module 7: Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus

Module 8: Social Security Complaint

Module 9: Maritime Complaint

Module 10: Nature of Mandamus

Module 11: Petition (Other) return of Child

Module 12: Complaint for Forfeiture

Module 13: Petition to Appoint Arbitrator

Module 14: Petition to Compel, Confirm, Modify, Stay,
Vacate Arbitration

Module 15: Trademark

Module 16: Jones Act

Module 17: Motion for Return of Property

Module 18: Agriculture Appeal

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