US District Court • Southern District of New York
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District Judges Part 1 Assignments

Dates Judge Room # Phone # Calendar Contact
Sep. 24th - Sep. 30th Woods, G H. 12C (212) 805 - 0296 A.Daniels 
Oct. 1st - Oct. 14th Crotty, P A. 14C (212) 805 - 6309 D. Gonzalez 
Oct. 15th - Oct. 28th McMahon, C 24A (212) 805 - 6325 M. DeJesus 
Oct. 29th - Nov. 11th Sweet, R W. 18C (212) 805 - 0124 T. Chan 
Nov. 12th - Nov. 25th Marrero, V 11B (212) 805 - 6374 M. Ramos 
Part One to be held in the Courtroom of the Presiding Judge.
(Unless otherwise noted)

Holiday Notice

Naturalization proceedings are held on Fridays in the Main Jury Room at
500 Pearl Street and are conducted by the Part 1 Judge scheduled for that day.