Courtroom Technology
The Southern District of New York’s courtrooms are equipped with technology that facilitate judicial proceedings. This technology includes remote conferencing, microphones for audio reinforcement and electronic evidence presentation. These systems are straight forward to use but if you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact the Courtroom Technology department for assistance.  

Courtroom Technology Contact
Phone: (212) 805-0134

Remote Conferencing
All courtrooms are capable of telephonic conference, additionally, all District courtrooms can hold a video conference. 

If you or your client wish to appear in court via video conference, you must contact chambers for approval. Once you have received approval, contact Courtroom Technology to receive information on how to connect. Video conferencing can be provided in Magistrate Judge Courtrooms with the approval from chambers and requires at least 48-hour notice to the Courtroom Technology department

Priority is given to matters pending in the Southern District, but Courtroom Technology can assist in matters pending in other District Courts depending on availability.

Any video conferences or A/V setups in a courtroom must be requested at least 48 hours before the proceeding. 

Electronic Evidence Presentation
Electronic Evidence Presentation allows for the display of trial presentations by computer, tablet, or phone. All Southern District of New York courtrooms are equipped with the following:

  • Counsel Tables - Two evidence display monitors, one evidence presentation selection panel, a source input for evidence presentation and two microphones per table.
  • Presentation Lectern - One document camera, one touch display monitor for annotation and one microphone.
  • Witness – One touch display monitor for evidence annotation, source input for evidence presentation and one microphone.
  • Jury Box – Video monitors and acoustic speakers for evidence presentation.
  • Gallery – One large screen monitor for evidence presentation. 
  • Deputy – One touch display for evidence presentation/selection and one microphone.
  • Judge’s Bench– One touch display for evidence presentation/selection and one microphone.

The system implemented in these courtrooms allows the user to share evidence through HDMI or VGA connection. If your device does not have a HDMI or VGA connection, you must bring an appropriate adapter. 

Magistrate Judge Courtrooms do not have electronic evidence presentation. If you would like to present evidence in these courtrooms, you must first get approval from chambers. Once you have received approval, contact Courtroom Technology to request a projector and screen or a large monitor. A document camera can also be provided on request.

If you have a trial scheduled, please contact Courtroom Technology to assure that everything works to expectation.  We suggest scheduling a technology walk-through with Courtroom Technology at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled proceeding. Courtroom Technology will provide instruction on how to use the system and will allow you to test your device's capability with the equipment, as well as any adapters that you bring in. While we are happy to help you get set-up the Court cannot provide operators during any proceeding.

Authorization to bring in additional AV equipment and/or a third-party vendor must be granted by Chambers. Once permission has been granted, please contact Courtroom Technology at least 5 business days in advance of the scheduled proceeding.  Courtroom Technology can advise on the specifics of the courtroom that will be used. All equipment and/or parties must pass through court security.

Interpreting Equipment
All courtrooms are equipped with Interpreting equipment. For more information on how to schedule and interpreter please call (212) 805-0084.

Electronic Court Recording (ECR)
Electronic Court Recording (ECR) is the electronic recording of a court proceeding through either a digital or tape-recording system rather than a stenographical record which is provided by a court reporter. A transcript of an ECR proceeding is no longer requested through Courtroom Technology. Please call 212-805-0300 for a transcript of an ECR proceeding.