The Courthouse in White Plains is located at 300 Quarropas Street, at the corner of South Lexington Street, near the County Courthouse, just a few blocks from the Metro-North train station and one block east of the parking garage at the Galleria Shopping Mall.

Thank you for serving The U. S. District Court Southern District of New York.

Parking and Tolls

Please use the "Lexington-Grove West" Galleria Mall Municipal Parking Garage adjacent to the Galleria Mall. You may enter this garage from either Martine Avenue, Main Street or South Lexington Avenue.  Pay stations are located by the elevators on each floor.  Always assume that you will be staying a full day and pay accordingly. If you receive an overtime ticket on your car, take the ticket to the parking garage office, pay the overtime fee and get a receipt.   You will be reimbursed, if you collect a receipt.  Receipts are required for reimbursement of toll costs, except where using EZ Pass.  If you have EZ Pass, please submit a copy of an old statement in lieu of a toll receipt.  Please remember to complete the Toll Sheet form.

*Please be advised the mileage payment is based upon the shortest practical route to and from the Courthouse.* 

Travel Directions

From the Tappan Zee Bridge

Take the Cross Westchester Expressway East, Interstate 287, to exit 5, Route 119, Tarrytown Road East. Go under the railroad bridge to the Galleria Mall Parking Garage.

From the Cross Westchester Expressway

Interstate 287 West, take exit 6, Route 22 N Broadway. Go left on Route 22 to Martine Avenue. Turn right on Martine Avenue and proceed to the Galleria Mall Parking Garage.

From Putnam and Dutchess Counties

Take the Taconic Parkway South to the Bronx River Parkway. Take exit 22 to Route 119, Tarrytown Road. Go left on Route 119, and under the railroad bridge to the Galleria Mall Parking Garage.

From the Bronx River Parkway North.

Take exit 21, Main Street. Go right on Main Street to the Galleria Mall Parking Garage.



We strongly advise you to take public transportation. Driving and parking in Manhattan is very difficult.